God Has Used The Garden Of Purpose To Change Lives!


Herbert L.

Life Changing!

"Nicole came into my life when I was at my absolute worst. We talked everyday, she helped to change my way of thinking from negative to positive. She was there for me when family wasn't. She was more than a life coach she was like a true best friend. After she helped me get back on track we still keep in contact. I appreciate all her effort and help it was life changing."

Tamika B.

She Made a better Me!

"Nicole Lofton is absolutely a wonderful coach as well as person. She has helped me along the way. Before she became my coach I was unsure of myself with whom I was or were I was going in life. I can honestly say she has helped me find out where I wanted to go in life. She is such a beautiful person on the inside as well as out. Nicole listens and is very understanding and helps u out in any area u might need help in. I appreciate everything she has done for me. She has truly made me a better me. I honestly couldn't have done it with out her."

Jermaine C.

Wonderful experience!

"I had the pleasure of doing a coaching session with Ms. Lofton. Very mind blowing! From a few simple questions, its like she knew my whole life issues. Because of her I have a better understanding of how to be a better me. Truly a good hearted person and a wonderful friend! She's on a positive path and I do wish her much success. Love and blessings!