What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a process to propel you forward. Life coaching is different from counseling, mentoring, and consulting in the sense that we do not dwell in the past, give advice, or show you how to do something. Life coaching is a client centered and a goal oriented process.

It is crucial for me to mention that goal oriented does not mean you have to have a goal towards a business; you can have a goal like losing weight or finding time for yourself. It can be a goal towards anything, and you do not necessarily have to have a problem. Anyone can benefit from life coaching even in an area that they are content with because there will inevitably be room for improvement. 

Every life coach is not for every person and vice versa, that is why it is vital to confirm that in the first session. I am more than happy to have a complimentary session with you to come to a decision about if we are a good fit for one another.

As your coach, I will not judge you or force you to behave in a way that is uncomfortable or tell anything that you do not want to. EVERYTHING is confidential in coaching. YOU are free to be YOU in the Garden of Purpose. You have all the answers within. I am just here to help you in dig them up so that you can begin to fully live a purposeful and a purposed-filled life.  .